Our Story

Olinger Heavy Hauling is a family owned and operated company based in Kansas City, Missouri. Since 1962 we have served our customers with pride, professionalism and an attention to detail unmatched by our competitors throughout the years. We don't meet the standard, we are the standard.

Our Daily Approach

We strive everyday to provide the very best service to our customers. This starts with communication. Our staff prides itself on being available from sun up to sun down and sometimes even later depending on the project... don't worry, we let them sleep occasionally.

Things have changed since 1962, especially the way we communicate. What hasn't changed is our approach. When you do business with Olinger, we take a team approach, allowing us to build a company wide relationship with you in hopes that you will return and rely on us over and over again.

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Michael Hatt

Operations Manager

Michael is son to our owner, Milton Hatt, and has been around the business since he was a kid. His daily role is to guide our team towards success and to make sure our customers are satisfied with Olinger projects. Introducing transport to the company, Michael plays a pivotal role in Olinger innovations. On the weekends, you'll find Michael on his boat at the Lake of the Ozarks.

joe boyce

Joe Boyce

Transportation Manager

Joe is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He has a great knowledge of the transportation business and knows what it takes to move large freight. Joe works  in our dispatch office setting up main loads, return loads, and problem solving when issues arise. When he is not at work, Joe enjoys spending time with his family.

Nick Wood

Nick Wood

Project Manager

When you meet Nick you will know one thing... he means business. Being the only crew member born after 2000, the young buck has grown up in the industry and has focused on perfecting his craft. Nick believes in order to be a great leader, you've got to be an excellent communicator. Nick intends to push the company forward with innovation as the old guys phase out.

sue smith

Sue Smith

Office Manager

Sue has been a main stay at Olinger for many years and is the go-to person for everything safety, insurance, and billing. She runs a tight ship and keeps everyone in line. If you need anything give her a call and she will find a way to help. She lives in the country with her husband where they enjoy nature and spoiling the grandkids

Shelly Wood

Shelly Wood

Transportation Accounts Manager

Shelly is daughter to Milton Hatt and has also grown up in the business like her brother. She handles all of the load paperwork including driver logs, payroll, customer billing etc. Her world revolves around her 3 boys and all of their activities.

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