If you're unfamiliar with moving machines, let us simplify it...

If you can move it yourself, don't call us. If it needs a forklift, we can do it. If it can't go out the door without tearing down a wall, we're your guy. With expertise to move ANYTHING, no task is too big




Steps up to 13 axles

RGN up to 13 axles



Royal 40/60 Rig-N-Lift and Cat T300 unskidding a 70,000 lbs. machine center


Royal 40/60 Rig-N-Lift

80,000 lbs. Riggers Special

Cat T300

Cat T200

Cat 22K pneumatic




Booms and Jibs



75 Ton Mobilift by Lift Systems

30 Ton Twinlift by Lift Systems

100 Ton (4) post gantry by Lift Systems

Hilman Traksporter

Broderson Crane

Genie Boom Lift


Less time equals less cost

Olinger is on the cutting edge of equipment in the rigging world, keeping us ahead of the competition. Our specialty equipment list includes some of the most sought after equipment available to date. We are able to complete projects in less time with less people, passing those savings onto you, our customer.

Other services

Crating, skidding, and palletizing are all services that we offer customers as part of our one stop shop capabilities. We also offer almost 100,000 sf of secured indoor storage for your equipment. We can receive or transload with ground level or dock access, as well as, load and unload ANY containers.

80K Taylor unskidding a 50,000 lbs. Hwacheon VTL

Next Steps...

Now that we've given you our capabilities, let us show you what we can do for you. Call or email us with your project in mind!